Friday, April 29, 2022

Digital Narcissus


The Art of Michel Gourlier


Letter to an unknown boy


Dear unknown boy,

I don't know who you are, where you are from, when these two pics were shot...

But I love everything in these pics, everything in you... Your shyness, the way you hide or show your face, the way your fingers caress your lips and the tip of your noose, visual echoes between your blue tee shirt and your blue eyes, the way your wild hairs frame your slim and smooth face...

 I love these pics, because they reveal more than a lovely face of a lovely boy... They display a smart, witty, intriguing soul, someone I would love to know more, to talk with, to listen to, to laugh with, to look at for a while, for ever...

Dear unknown boy, I am afraid I felt in love with you...

Without any hope, but with a lot of tenderness anyway,


Petite mort / Little death


In the sandhills


Douceur lactée / Milky softness


"J'aime la douceur lactée de ton corps juvénile

Et ses courbes et ses inflexions,
Et ses pentes et ses reliefs...

J'aime la grâce et la dissymétrie subtile

Du léger déhanchement qui donne vie à ton corps

Et détache la fleur de ta jeune virilité...

J'aime ton buste qui palpite et le galbe de tes jambes,

Et l'offrande de ta nudité lumineuse

A qui sait en goûter la mélodie douce et silencieuse..."

I like the milky softness of your youthful body

And its curves and inflections, And its slopes and reliefs...

I like the grace and the subtle dissymmetry

Of the slight wiggle that gives life to your body

And detaches the flower of your young manhood...

I like your bust which palpitates and the curve of your legs,

And the offering of your luminous nudity

To whoever knows how to taste the soft and silent melody..."

Eraste de Saint-Amant, Poèmes.